Hello my loyal readers, I greet all two of you, so I am also greeting myself. Hello Véronique thanks for supporting me. What happened in the last four months ? If you want to know, please read my next blog item !


I wonder why...?

I wonder why it took me so long to take up my blog writing pen again. The film I talked you about "don't mess witt the Zoharn" is now already available in the video shop !! Writer's block ? Oh no, not at all. Only the last four months became busier and I always want to write too long articles. Let' say I was distracted. I gave away too much attention and energy to too serious matters. And above all, MOBBOA things started to move forward.

Three out of our six children now are in the "middle of the bar", studying "modern" stuff like maths and history.

Siggy knows the beginning of the alphabet very well as he has become a fervent AC/DC fan. Robbe is making further progress in his football "career" although he still does not believe he's really good. Freddi (youngest girl) is getting half of her teeth pulled out by our local dentist which is strange because her mouth is big enough. Montoya is the perfect hotel guest keeping her distance and Nicolas (youngest boy) is getting more playful as he gets older; finally Rein (second youngest boy) is into classic piano. I always see him as a Chris Martin (Cold Play lead singer) to be. They all did extremely well at school, some more extremely than the others of course.

My wife is shining like a star, she is a super star, a Madonna and Mama Miracoli all in one. I love her for all she is.

Together we took a "Reconnection" (http://www.thereconnection.com/) seminar in Antwerp in October made and presented by Curly Pearly Eric alias Dr. Eric Pearl. (watch this video if you do not want to read the book but here Eric's story anyway; Eric starts talking on minute twelve of the video).I am quite impressed by his story and experiences : they seem real and logic to me. Real because Eric Pearl is not too serious about it all and logic because man's increased sensitivity and consciousness on a global scale is in need of higher and finer healing frequencies. By following the seminar, reading the book and experiencing the work you can access to these "zerofield" frequencies. Books like "the field" written by Lynn McTaggert or The Body Electric written by R. Becker refer to the fields in which these frequencies are observed and where they stem from and are quite revolutionary but acceptable even from a scientific point of view.

So since following the seminar Véronique and I started playing as practitioners with these frequencies and it has been rewarding up till now.

MOBBOA in 2009 : we will bring new products into our online shop. I am very happy and enthousiastic about "the Brelli" (http://www.thebrelli.com/), the first biodegradable umbrella made out of bamboo wood, cotton string and a biodegredable plastic canopy (see picture above). It was Marja, a wonderful and competent Dutch woman I had the chance to meet, who gave me the opportunity to start selling it online. Marja founded http://www.goodforall.eu/ , a kind of online present shop for individual and corporate customers offering only ecological and fair trade products. Read the product description in Dutch, French or German on the MOBBOA site here»

And the next product that will be online for sale in our shop has something to do with babies.

I will tell you about this next time. For no : adios and also tjüss.


The MOBBOA mobile

The pope has his popemobil, I have my "bamboomobil" and am proud to present some pics of the "phenomenon". So track my on the Belgian roads and give me a sign. It's worth a free MOBBOA tee !
On the 19th of September I am going to be on Tiesto's (http://www.tiesto.com/) "in search of sunrise" concert in the Antwerp Sportpaleis. I have one ticket free ! Are you interested. Call me or react on this e-mail. Tiesto is the leading techno/trance DJ worldwide. It was he who did his set at the opening of the 2004 Olympic games in Athens. The heavy beat of this kind of music makes me ground firmly. It is like a "ground zero" feeling but with a lot of unifying music. Techno music unifies : it is easy, repetitive, basis, native, primitive, simple and resonates through the belly (earth) and bones (water). I get energized by it and always feel a strong feeling of unity with mankind (those present at the gig) even without Xtacy or whatever is offered there. Mind you, all these concerts have a strict "drugs not allowed" policy with severe controls. I don't mind cause I don't need that stuff. I do not even know what it generates or can add more to that feeling of groundedness.
This month my Autumn campaign "shorter days=longer sleeves , 15% off on all long sleeves" starts and will be featuring on http://www.mobboa.com/ 's homepage and will be repeated in my newsletter that comes soon.
Last weekend a good friend of mine, Paul Scheers, told me about how I can get a multimillionaire in old Italian lira's or why not USD by signing up for free with a new chat community called ZenZuu (http://www.zenzuu.com/). The logic is simple and the simplicity is logic. Will it work ? We will only know in a couple of months. Anyhow, if you would like to sign up : do it under my name, will you ?
School started again. Siggy and Robbe are in their first year of the "middelbaar" (translated freely : " in the mid of my puberty and of my first pubic hairs, so I do not know whether I am already a boy or still a child") school and are doing well. Robbe has some respiratory difficulties, but a change of air often has that effect on him. He's a strong boy full of talents, but does not realize it yet. Siggy is a strong boy with so many capacities too. They will both do well, I am sure. A lot of books needed to get a paper wrapping and a name label, not a job for my sausage fingers.
Four of the four boys are playing football now, so I need to chop myself in 4 if I want to see them all play. It 's a difficult chop choice sometimes.
Last wednesday I attended the "Tissu Premier" fair in Lille (France). Not a lot of Chinese space invaders but new fabrics based on crabs, seaweed, paper, corn, peanutbutter etc.. Only the peanutbutter is a joke ! I met some nice people there. One who made impression on me and could be Annie Lennox's sister is Karin-Beate Phillips (www. sos-saveourskills.org). She is promoting the handmill weaving skills of the Burkina Faso population, which is getting lost. i tried to find Elodie Ouedraogo's e-mail address to link them up - Elodie might be interested in promoting Beates projects - but was not able to find her e-mail address. Elodie is one of the four girls winning silver for Belgium in the women's 4x100 relay on the last Olympic games.
There are less visitors on my site in the last months. How come ? You tell me. Anyhow, I would like my blog to be a forum where we can change ideas, learn from each other and create intellectual, philosophic and business win/win interactions of all kinds. Let's help each other out.
By the way, I let go of the idea of a bamboo beer for now. Too low margins against the initial investment to be done.
In the coming days, I will focus on my site getting updated (new stuff will arive from Shangai) and prospecting further in the B2B area. It is going to be exciting times.
A thought to end with : if you wake up next morning : look in the mirror and say out loud : "good morning, you good looking thing ! This is going to be a great day ! Something good is going to happen to me !"


It ain't what you do, it's the way that you do it.

Still in a contemplating mood. I was biking the other Sunday with some local bikers called the "Koolaerdtrappers" when overhearing one of my fellow "trappers" talking about his son having found his first job, I believe with a forklift manufacturing company not too far away. My colleague really was happy. He has been working for over 20 years together with his wife for the same employer. And now his son has found a steady job. Heart beat never over 70 except when biking up a steep hill or having sex. And me, restless mind, sometimes euphoric, sometimes worrying, biking just ahead of him and asking myself : is that the life we are meant to have ? Both mine and his. And I realized : it's not what you do, it's the way that you do it.

I sat together with Stijn Vandewalle. He is one of this young men who inspire me. Always friendly, good spirited and his body shows he is living the Burgundy live, enjoying all live has to give. He is running the family's "drankencentrale" in Gistel and Westkerke and doing a fine job. I am always intrigued by how he makes gifts for his customer wrapping up all kinds of beers and spirits in a shiny cellophane paper, finishing it up with curly strings using his pair of scissors. With devotion and eye for detail, not minding the many customer queuing up with less patience and admiration than I. Crafstmenship. Stijn is enthousiastic about my idea of marketing a bamboo beer. I hope for him we can find a "hole in the market" and become a success story. To be continued. By the way : do you know the difference between a priest in the church and a woman in her bath ? No ? Well : a priest in the church has hope in his soul and a woman in her bath has soap in her hole. I am still in a contemplative mood.

Tonight I went to a workshop on getting public and private finance for companies that start up or are growing very fast. I am in between. Preparing the future. It was organized by VLAO. I would recommend all flemish starters with innovative projects to consult their site.

Last week I met BIC Carpets and Le Tissage d'Arcade both Belgian design carpet manufacturers, who both could be interested in "biobamboo", a natural bast fibre that Litrax, my principal, is developing and from which they make yarn and fabric. Johan Vroman, the product manager of LTA is a very fine man. A man with a vision, a conviction and a heart for the greater cause. It was really nice to encounter a fellow idealist. What beautiful carpets they make. I don't know why but I always liked carpets. Especially soft, smooth and silky carpets. Just like the womb of a woman...almost.

All our six children are back home. The US and Switzerland did them good. The four boys started playing football/soccer again, Freddi (our youngest daughter) went on a scouts camp where the food was outstanding and Montoya was so pleased to see her boyfriend back. O yeah, "don't mess with the Zohan" ! Watch the movie (trailer) !! So funny. About a top Mossad secret agent wanting to become a hairdresser in a Israeli-Palestian NY neighborhood.

That's it for now. Coming soon : the MOBBOA Mobile. Something like the POPEMOBILE but a little more flashier.

Bamboo : soon coming in a theatre near you !!! Don't mess with bambooking.


Leave the good parts over

Yesterday I removed the dead branches of one our willow trees. Half of the tree was dead, half of it alive. So in order to encourage the living part to revitalize I removed the burden of the dead parts. Sometimes in life you need to say goodbye to what is dead. There is only death because there is life.

On the the INBAR site you can find all info on bamboo and rattan, where it comes from, what the properties are and what you can do with it. I need to put this link on my site too. An interesting part is the one where you can see all products that are made out of bamboo. Although "all products" is not correct : bamboo clothes and bamboo beer, bamboo vinegar, bamboo coffee filters, bamboo tees,.... are not yet mentioned. Environmental sustainability is a keyword throughout this Chinese site, which is documented in a perfect english.

Next year we are going to Olargues, a pittoresque place in the French Cathares. We are going to stay in the house of Mieke & Stefan Tanghe. Stefan is the general manager of the superb "theatre at sea" festival in Ostend. With the current summer starting to even have an effect on my temper, I am already now looking forward to being all together in sunny wheather.

Today I am in a somewhat contemplative mood. So let me add following words to share with you. They are not originally mine, but resonate strongly within me as something worthwile making an effort, some time for. Remember, Véronique and I have together six children to raise and hopefully inspire.

"We have a responsibility to tell our children who they are. If we don't tell our children who they are, somebody else will. Let's tell our children : you've got what it takes, there is nothing you cannot do. Mum and dad are behind you. We are proud of you. We believe in you. You are destined to do great things".

Have a good night !


The world is becoming a small village. Agkistri is a small island.

I cannot get the bamboo beer idea out of my head. It tastes nice (bitter in the beginning and sour at the end) esp. with a slice of lemon or lime (the "Corona Beer way"). You know who is brewing this fresh appetizing "white (Weissbier) beer " ? : www.brouwerij-strubbe.be in Ichtegem, on a 15 kms drive from my house... Astonishing, isn't it ? Qing Zhu Pi Lu Bamboo beer from...Ichtegem, a village with a bakery, a church and a butcher.

Mr. Strubbe, owner of the brewery, even has a licence for brewing "bio"beers. Now I am thinking of developing a kind of "sports" beer or "health-beer", which means I need to add an extract of bamboo leaves that can meet up to its name. Bamboo leaves seem to contain a lot of silica, flavonoides... all good things which keep your body last longer.

Anyone who can help me on that is welcome to react.

Mrs Sam Pickering, a very gentle woman managing her own company www.hempfabric.co.uk ordered two full roles of bamboo jersey fabric. Thank you very much. Right she is : this is such a soft comfortable fabric and black as a colour offers a lot of possibilities.

The demand for fabric has increased over the last days. Strange how sometimes demand for /orders of products are concentrated in time. Just as if people are contaminating each other with the same ideas across borders at the same time.

We had a couple of lovely hot days, enabling me to mow the lawn, cut the hedges, ride my bike. My wife took the opportunity to run around naked the whole day. That is what I call a hot summer.

Yesterday evening, we were invited by Lieve, our good friend, (who by the way is in bamboo too : www.indochine.be) to enjoy a nice meal and to learn about the island Agkistri (one of the Argo-Saronic islands) which everyone of course knows...

If you wanna go Greek on an island that nobody knows with a diameter of 7 kms where you can chill in silence, then that's the place 2B.

Enjoy summer !


Auf die Freundschaft...mit Bier , Bambus Bier

To friendship...with bamboo beer ! There is a beer club in Hamburg (http://bierclub-hamburg.de/) I found on the Net that sells...bamboo beer. It tastes like our Belgian "Brugs Tarwebier" or even our "Wittekerke" "white beer" . Meaning somewhat bitter with a strong lemon aftertaste. Ideal to quench the thirst. I now need to find out what "bamboo extract" has been added to this "Hefeweizen" lookalike. I must say I am less constipated since I drunk it. It could also be the Omega 3-6-9 fatty acids in my bowels who did the job. Only God knows because He is everywhere.

If one day it would be economically viable to grow bamboo species over here in Belgium beer would for sure be one application number one that could work. In the coming weeks I will try to find out more about the wonderful medicinal properties of bamboo extracts so I can add to my current nickname (bamboo king) the word beer in the middle.

A friendly customer from the United Kingdom specialising in hemp fabrics (http://www.hempfabric.co.uk/ ) today ordered my first complete role of black bamboo jersey fabric , that is 53 running metres (1,50 m width) at once. You can make nice bamboo tops or tees with them. I thank Samantha Pickering.

One of the things to add to my site is a FAQ, something I am planning to do since some critical customers started to FAQ (frequently ask questions to) me. This might still take some time so here is a very useful link explaining how bamboo fabric currently can be made : chemically, mecanically or....to be continued. Oh yes, MOBBOA can supply it all.

I met a very nice young man today, who is an innovation advisor at http://www.innovatiecentrum.be/ and who wanted to find out how serious my idea is to grow bamboo beer grass in my guarden. Kristof De Paepe is a very bright fellow too, who learned me a lesson. Don't take yourselve, your company too serious, don't focus too much, keep an open mind and be playful following your intution or just do your thing ("a man's gotta do what a man's gotta do"). In a nutshell : in his spare time, he wanted to compare the interest rate of some Belgian savings banks. So he did, put his comparative table on a blog on the net and before he knew it he got thousands of visitors per day www.spaargids.be (Belgians like to save...the world, I mean their money so apparently they enter the net to learn more about making more money). Now Google Adwords and Adsense do the rest whilst he is meeting a demand. Well done, Kristof. Respect, man.

Tomorrow or later I will finish my blog as follows : remember, bamboo is good for you !